Corporate Overview  
  For over four decades, Alltid Transport Express has been handling and transporting cargo inside Europe. In the late 70's, customer needs increased to intercontinental transportation and Alltid Transport Express expanded with their needs. Intercontinental Transporting Services was designed to grow with the booming market, and it did. Then, in 1979, our customers demanded us to take charge of all the transporting aspects of their cargo, hence Texpress Inc. was established. Texpress Inc. has grown with the industry and expanded its borders to handle all types of cargo. Texpress Inc. is the head quarters of Alltid Transport Express in North America and is capable of undertaking all of your transportation needs; be it over seas, on land or even in the sky.

Texpress Inc.'s service is now unmatched. And our unmatched services is offered to you… making Texpress Inc. the only way to ship your cargo. From apples, peaches and grapes to cotton, lubrication oil and all types of raw materials and dry cargo, Texpress Inc. cares for your cargo just like we do our own. We know exactly how to keep operations running smoothly. So when you ship with Texpress Inc. it's always full steam ahead.

As with Alltid Transport Express, you'll experience top quality in every aspect of our service. From well-maintained vessels and equipment to customer service with a personal touch, Texpress Inc. provides nothing but the best of everything. So relax, trust Texpress Inc. with your next shipment. You'll never look back.

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